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1. Is Tarpeez waterproof?
Tarpeez is made of a urethane backed nylon taffeta material making the material waterproof.

2. Are the hooks and bungee included with the Tarpeez?
Yes, everything you need is included for installation on your truck.

3. How far over the top of the bed can Tarpeez stretch?
Tarpeez is designed to work when your truck bed is empty, or loaded over the bed. Tarpeez can safely be over loaded about 10-12 inches over the top of the bed.

4. Will Tarpeez tear or flop in the wind?
Tarpeez was designed so that the wind actually pushes into the bed of the truck, and the bungee keeps it from flopping in the wind.

5. Is Tarpeez puncture resistant?
No, Tarpeez is made of a very durable material, but it is not puncture resistant. You must use common sense when hauling sharp objects such as rakes, sharp thorns etc.

6. What trucks does Tarpeez fit?
Tarpeez was specifically designed for full size Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota trucks with either a 6 ½ foot bed, or an 8 foot bed. But we found that because of their versatility they are being used on almost every make and model from full size trucks to mid size to mini trucks. The keys are making sure that your truck has some kind of way to hook the bungee onto the corner of your truck bed. That might include a stake bed hole on the top of the bed, a small hole inside the bed that the hook can go into, or tie down hooks located inside the bed of the truck beds in the corners.

7. How does it hold up in the sun?
Tarpeez was tested in Phoenix Az which is known for having some of the most intense UV rays. We tested many tarps by leaving them on trucks year around, they held up over a year.

8. Can I use a Tarpeez with a toolbox on my truck?
We have lots of people who are using a Tarpeez with a toolbox, but they had to ad I-bolts on their toolbox in order to hook the tarpeez to the toolbox. This works best when you use a short bed tarp on a long bed truck with a toolbox. This way the Tarpeez can be hooked to the back of the toolbox.

9. Do you make a Tarpeez for the new 5 foot beds?
Yes and it works good for short beds with tool boxes.

10. Will Tarpeez work on trailers?
Tarpeez is designed to fit on Truck beds, so if your trailer is the same size as a full size truck bed then Tarpeez might fit, but we do not recommend them on most trailers.

11. Does it come in different colors?
As of right now the only color Tarpeez comes in is Navy Blue. But we will be introducing the new camoflauge Tarpeez later this year.

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